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衛藤公雄情報 (Kimio Eto info.)

衛藤公雄物語 (Kimio Eto's brief bio)
奇跡の爪音(アメリカが熱狂した全盲の箏曲家、衛藤公雄の生涯) 谷口和巳著
奇跡の爪音(アメリカが熱狂した全盲の箏曲家、衛藤公雄の生涯) 谷口和巳著

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Incredible Shakuhachi player.

Rare footage

1929 in Kyoto. The timeline between 7:10 and 10:00 shows koto performance. The first one shows a rare koto played by a blind female. She is holding koto upright. Those guys are making rice cake. The second one shows the group is playing "Chaondo(茶音頭)" 
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