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Japanese Koto Club





Koto club has two missions:


1. To present high quality performances and share my passion for koto music.


More than anything, I want people to know the beautiful sound of the koto. There is a famous saying in Japan '心の琴線に触れる' which means “touch one’s heartstrings”. This phrase is used to describe something that really impresses you or touches your heart. In Japanese, those heartstrings are koto strings.


I truly believe the sound of the koto is unforgettable and heartwarming. It has the power to reach deep within our soul. A person with severe dementia once told me that although she had forgotten if she ate, she remembered the koto music I played for her. It really meant a lot to me and confirmed my belief in the uplifting power of koto music.


Whether I’m performing for one person or thousands of people, I will be there if my koto can make them happy, ease and relax their minds, or encourage them.

2. To create opportunities for anyone who is interested in playing the koto.


(1) If you play the koto and would like to practice together, let’s meet and motivate each other! You can bring any other instruments, too. 


(2) If you would like to gain experience playing in front of an audience, I can train you to perform with me at one of my upcoming shows. Serious inquiries only, please! You must be willing to make a commitment to practice and perform.


(3) I am also available to host workshops on demand. Feel free to contact me to get some free lessons. I would love to help people who wants to start playing koto.

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